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We can repair your laptop at an affordable price.
Refurbished laptop store.
We will buy your broken or unwanted laptop.
Find out why Noble Laptops is right for you.
Click here for our hours and directions.
513-718-2580 980 Old State Route 74 Batavia, OH 45103

As a valued customer, you'll have a technician appointed to you (not just your laptop) that will be happy to answer any of your questions and keep you informed as needed throughout the repairs.

We understand that it's not always possible to bring in your equipment for repair during normal business hours, so that's why we're also open by appointment during the evening and weekend.

Nothing says convenience like saving money! We do that by offering competitive labor rates and honesty when recommending upgrades or repairs.

We want to meet you where you're at in life, and that's why college students get a discount on all labor.


I recently had Noble Laptops look at my Toshiba notebook. I woke up one morning and it would not boot up. I had feared that the hard drive had crashed because it had already been replaced once under Toshiba's warranty. When Noble took a look, they were able to diagnose that the hard drive was working properly and the problem was corrupted system files. Not only did they save me money by NOT just slapping a new hard drive in, they were able to get my laptop back to me the next morning. I was also very pleased with the amount of communication. Would highly recommend.

Thanks again,

Dave Tengler
Batavia, OH

Having Beau work on my laptop was an experience unlike anything youíd normally expect from a computer technician. He was very interested in understanding MY issues with the laptop and worked hard to find the best solution and price for me. He applies his knowledge and experience to really make an effort to improve the situation. I recommend him to all my friends and family as someone who will work earnestly and for a great price.

I have sent my parents and my friends to him and since then they have always come to me to convey their problems to him. They trust his opinion; itís obvious he knows computers very well.

I can tell he really cares about the issues I come in with, and itís obvious that he really likes what he does, itís a talent. Itís great that he is putting his abilities out to the community this way!

He isnít concerned about the money; he cares about me and my laptop

-Chris Henke

I have a 2003 Dell that has worked poorly ever since I bought it from Dell. Granted itís 5 years old and it will have some wear and tear on it. I also like to use my computer for downloading music (bad idea when you arenít using a security system). My computer started getting slower and slower, to the point where I didnít even feel like using it anymore. I had talked to Beau since I knew he is a whiz with computers. He took my computer in and worked some magic.

When I got my computer back from Noble Laptops I took it straight home and plugged it back in. I was amazed with what he had done. It was working so fast, the internet wasnít freezing up, and I had learned that Beau had installed a security system for me. He really does have peopleís best interest in mind. It was like the computer was rebuilt just to my perfect fit.

Lara Cooper
Amelia, Ohio

I recently had Beau fix my daughterís laptop because someone stepped on it and broke the monitor. Not only did he save me a lot of money but my daughter had her laptop back the very next day. He is very honest and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him if you need laptop repair

Rebecca Jester
Fayetteville, OH

When our old computer bit the dust, Beau recommended one of his rebuilt computers that he had for sale. I am very pleased to say with the purchase of that computer we have been online ever sense with no problems. We are very happy with our used, but new computer.

John Cooper

I was extremely impressed with the service I received from Noble Laptops. I brought a Dell laptop that needed a new screen. Beau suggested that it may be under warranty still, contacted Dell and helped to arrange service of the new screen. He was very helpful and didnít push any unnecessary service on me. I would definitely recommend Noble Laptops to my friends and family.

Stacy W.
Maineville, Ohio

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